The latest Bellator event featured a fight between two former UFC stars, as Paul “Semtex” Daley took on Jon Fitch.

Both fighters were cast out of the UFC, but for very different reasons. Daley was “banned for life” by Dana White after he punched Josh Koscheck following the bell back in 2010. Fitch, on the other hand, was once a Top Ten welterweight, and beat almost everybody in the division except for Georges St-Pierre — and there’s no shame in losing to that particular MMA legend. But Fitch’s style was boring. He specialized in wrestling and grinding out victories on the judge’s scorecards, but the powers-that-be released him after a 2013 loss to Damian Maia, rather than continue to pay someone they felt was a “non draw.”

Back to Saturday night. Daley is primarily a striker, with tremendous power. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Fitch’s gameplan was to take Daley down with his superior wrestling skills and ground and pound his way to a victory. And that’s exactly what happened, as Fitch won a unanimous decision. Unfortunately, the clash of styles didn’t please the crowd in San Jose, who loudly booed the action they deemed boring.

Even Daley agreed. Check out this clip from the third (and final) round of the fight.

Fitch takes down Daley once again, and pins him against the cage. He drops a punch of mostly harmless punches to keep the action going, but mostly just controls Daley’s body with his legs, preventing him from getting up. Daley looks straight into the camera and spouts off this hilarious line:

“You’re going to get lots of fans with this Bellator. Millions. Millions of fans. This is cool? Bulls**t. Look it’s like the crowd can hear me. They’re booing. Boo! Boo! Booooo!”

Great stuff from Daley! Obviously he would prefer to be in a fight with someone who would stand and bang with him, but it should have been common knowledge that Fitch was never going to do that. Daley has now lost three of his last five fights in Bellator, and isn’t seeing eye to eye with the promotion — he pledged to leave the company back in January when his current contract expired, and later claimed he had secured an outright release from Bellator. The promotion denied the latter, and Daley remains under contract with them for now. This latest stunt probably didn’t earn him any favor with his bosses.