Conor McGregor hasn’t found in the UFC since November 2016. He’s already had both of his championship titles stripped away from him for inactivity — they’ve each been won by someone else since then. Despite that, the UFC continues to make a mockery of their own ranking system by having McGregor actually move up a spot on their best “Pound-for-Pound” fighter list.

McGregor was previously ranked fourth, but moved up after the latest round of voting into a tie with heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic for third (behind No 1. Demetrious Johnson and No. 2 Georges St-Pierre). Even more ridiculous is that Khabib Nurmagomedov, who actually won the lightweight championship (one of McGregor’s stripped titles) in his last fight and moved down one spot into ninth. The whole thing is so stupid, it hurts your brain.

The rankings are not exactly the UFC’s decision, as a panel made up of various MMA media members votes on each weight class and the pound-for-pound crown. McGregor remains the No. 1 contender in the lightweight division, which does make sense since he’ll get a title shot at Nurmagomedov if/when he ever decides to return to the UFC.

McGregor was last in the news for attacking a bus full of fighters the day before UFC 223, breaking a window and causing multiple injuries to fighters (at least one could not compete the next night as a result). He turned himself in and was arrested by New York police, and will probably end up being disciplined by the New York State Athletic Commission, as well as facing his criminal charges in court later this year.

But hey, he’s got a nice, solid ranking on the UFC website.