The rumors of Jon Jones’ career being dead and over may have been dramatically exaggerated.

According to Ariel Helwani and, the UFC light heavyweight champion passed a post-fight blood test after defeating Daniel Cormier by TKO in the third round at UFC 214 on July 28. The test was administered by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, who oversee the drug testing protocols in the UFC.

It could prove to be massive news for Jones. His urine test just 24-hours earlier tested positive for Turinabol, a banned anabolic steroid (although the results weren’t back until after the fight). As the news broke that Jones had failed the test, it seemed likely that his UFC career may be over. He was looking at a two-to-four year suspension as a repeat offender, and the public had very little faith in his pleas of innocence.

The tides may be turning, though.

According to the report, Jones passed drug tests on July 6, 7, and 29, but somehow still managed to fail one on July 28. Additionally, blood tests (which he passed) are typically more accurate than urine tests (which he failed). This new revelation throws the whole light heavyweight division into chaos. UFC president Dana White had previously said that if Jones’ ended up serving another suspension, he would be forced to strip the title away from him and give it back to Daniel Cormier. This new test result could be the defense that Jones needs.

They are still testing Jones’ B sample, which could play a big part in whether this potential doping violation sticks. Tests that show a false positive are possible, although they are very rare. The fact that Jones passed a more stringent test just a day after failing a different test only creates more questions.

Jones was famously removed from the main event of UFC 200 just a few days before it was scheduled when USADA flagged him for testing positive for clomiphene and letrozol. He argued that those substances only got into his system as a result of taking a contaminated sexual enhancement pill, but he still had to serve a one-year suspension as a result. UFC 214 was his first fight in 15-months.


Helwani tweeted out that the substance Jones tested positive for may only show up in urine tests. Unclear if that is accurate or not. Stay tuned for more as this story develops.