This is serious, everyone. Wait! Come back! We really mean it…

We all remember the over-hyped (but somewhat entertaining) fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor from last year. As most people expected, Mayweather handled the inexperienced McGregor with relative ease. Since then, Mayweather has teased and trolled about having a rematch with McGregor, but having it take place in a UFC octagon instead.

Dana White has publicly stated Mayweather was entertaining the idea, and the undefeated boxer has made multiple social media posts suggesting he’s serious about stepping into the world of MMA. However, the most legitimate reporting on the subject comes from Gareth Davies, a top MMA reporter from the U.K. He recently spoke to Jim White of talkSPORT and claims that rumors of an MMA rematch are more than just rumors.

“My soundings are that there are a lot of talks going on in the background,” Davies said. “There are a lot of talks around people with Mayweather. There are a lot of talks about him potentially having an MMA fight with Conor McGregor.”

“Conor McGregor had no chance in a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. People will tune in to see Mayweather get stopped by Conor McGregor, and it won’t affect his boxing record. I think it’s going to happen, and I think it will be a three, four, five hundred million dollar fight again.”

If you’re shaking your head right now, that’s fine. You probably did the same thing when it was first reported that McGregor was trying to land a boxing match with Mayweather. The idea seemed outlandish and impossible — and then it happened. So there’s no reason that an MMA rematch couldn’t become a reality, if Mayweather truly decides he wants the pay day.

Mayweather is already ridiculously rich, a fact he loves to flaunt on Instagram and Twitter. He doesn’t need the few hundred millions dollars that a MMA fight with McGregor would likely generate. That being said, who wouldn’t want an extra quarter-billion dollars lying around, in case of emergency? All he has to do is show up and try to not get killed for 25 minutes.

In the end, it’s all about the money. People would tune into this by the millions, and Floyd would walk away with another huge cheque — regardless of how badly McGregor beats him under a completely different set of rules.