Georges St-Pierre made an exciting and successful return to the UFC in early November, choking out Michael Bisping in the third round to capture the Middleweight championship and become just the fourth fighter in company history to win titles in two different weight classes.

As soon as the celebrations were over, fans and media were quick to ask the Canadian champ “who’s next?”

There a multiple options, including a Middleweight title unification bout with interim champ Robert Whittaker, a Welterweight title fight with Tyron Woodley, or even a glorious superfight with Conor McGregor at 170 pounds. However, St-Pierre’s former teammate and fellow French-Canadian fighter Patrick Cote wouldn’t be surprised if GSP walks away from the sport — again.

“I have big doubts,” Cote said on The MMA Hour. “I would not be surprised if he said ‘It’s over, I just wanted to feel that feeling again.’ Why I say that is because is took him so much time to get out of the cage. He stayed in the cage and he was kind of feeling everything he was able to grab about all the emotion. He was in the cage for almost 20 minutes after the fight!”

“He was looking at everything and grabbing all the energy just to say ‘That was that, I did it and I am not going to miss that anymore.’ This is the feeling I had when I was at MSG. But no, I will not be surprised if he is done with fighting.”

St-Pierre has been mum on his future plans, only telling people that he’s focused on recovering from the injuries he sustained fighting Bisping, and he’ll worry about his fighting future after that. His coaching staff seem to be urging him to drop back down to welterweight for his next fight, but who knows what GSP is actually thinking.

After four years away from the sport, GSP’s return was a big spectacle for the UFC. Unfortunately, St-Pierre suffered a neck injury when he was accidently stuck in the back of the head (blows to the back of the head are illegal in MMA). If he doesn’t return to 185 pounds, he will have to relinquish the belt. Whittaker has been vocal about wanting to headline the UFC 221 event in his native Australia on February 11. It’s likely GSP could be in fighting shape again by that time.

But if Patrick Cote is right, he could also have announced his retirement by then.