Chael Sonnen says a lot of things. Plenty of those things are complete nonsense, but he also has a habit of making accurate predictions that end up coming true. For example, he was one of the people who insisted that the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match was more than just fantasy matchmaking long before it became a real thing.

Sonnen is one again predicting a huge opponent for McGregor, but this time it will back in a UFC octagon against Canadian MMA legend Georges St. Pierre.

“Conor doesn’t have the belt, and George wants to come back, and George only wants to come back for Conor,” Sonnen says. “And they both want to do this legacy and all this other … a check, guys. That’s what you’re getting in this. Forget about how we think about you in the future, let’s talk about tonight. That’s the fight.”

McGregor last fought at 155 pounds and St-Pierre at 185 pounds, capturing the Middleweight title from Michael Bisping in the process (he has since relinquished the title after being diagnosed with colitis). A potential McGregor/GSP match could be fought at welterweight (170 pounds), as St-Pierre was the longtime champion of that division and McGregor has fought at that weight twice (for his pair of fights against Nate Diaz).

Sonnen predicts a catchweight fight at 165-pounds, which seems odd. Then again, if there’s no championship on the line, and the fight is just for the pure spectacle of it all, then it really doesn’t matter which weight they agree to fight at.

Everyone, including UFC president Dana White, has brushed off the idea of this superfight. There are plenty of obstacles (which weight would they fight at? Is GSP healthy enough to return? Will McGregor demand more money than the UFC is willing to pay? Etc, etc, etc..), but there’s one thing for certain: McGregor vs. St-Pierre would be one of the best selling fights in UFC history. When that kind of money is involved, it’s hard for any of the involved parties to turn a blind eye at the possibility.

Plus Sonnen’s been right before.