It’s a well-known fact that too much trash talking towards an official will get any player tossed from a game. But an Arizona Wildcats cheerleader found out the hard way that a ref can eject literally anyone from courtside.

During Thursday night’s game between Arizona and Arizona State, a male member of the Wildcats cheerleading squad was thrown out of the game midway through the second half while a Sun Devils player was shooting free throws. We can’t hear exactly what the gentleman was saying to the referee, but it’s a good guess that he wasn’t asking politely about his day.

Molly McGrath, who was commentating the game for ESPN, stated on the broadcast that he offending cheerleader was “heckling and saying some inappropriate things.” After the game, referee Randy McCall told reporters that the man was ejected for… yelling loudly?

Technically, he was breaking a rule. And was apparently asked to stop before his ejection happened. So maybe he got exactly what he deserved. Either way, you don’t see a cheerleader thrown out of a basketball game very often.