In the world of celebrity/athlete friendships — the buzzword being “bromance” — that Drake sure does get around.

The rapper formerly known as Aubrey Graham of “Degrassi” fame has befriended a bevy of sports superstars, the latest being his beloved Toronto Raptors’ nemesis, LeBron James.

On Sunday, Drizzy had dinner with LBJ and his business partner Maverick Carter at James’ home in Cleveland.

In the world of celebrity/athlete friendships — the buzzword being “bromance” — that Drake sure does get around.

The rapper formerly known as Aubrey Graham of “Degrassi” fame has befriended a bevy of sports superstars, the latest being his beloved Toronto Raptors’ nemesis, LeBron James.

On Sunday, Drizzy had dinner with LBJ and his business partner Maverick Carter at James’ home in Cleveland.

It was all very cozy, but we know that Drake loves to schmooze with the best in sport — mostly basketball.

The reason for the gathering is unclear, though James, Carter, Drake, and Nur did collaborate on “The Carter Effect,” a documentary about Vince Carter that will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Drake is hardly the first, or last, celebrity to ride the coattails of sports superstars.

There have been some great ones over the years and with that we give you the 15 best athlete/celebrity bromances of the last little while.

15. Wayne Gretzky And Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is a huge hockey fan, often seen sporting a classic Chicago Blackhawks jersey at games in the United Center. A transplanted native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Vaughn grew up in suburban Buffalo Grove and played some football in high school, before the bright lights of Hollywood beckoned. A bromance, then, with the Great One would hardly seem incongruous, though Gretzky probably scored a few backbreaking goals against Vaughn’s beloved Hawks back in the day. The two are also tied together forever by one scene in Vaughn’s breakthrough film, “Swingers” in which his character, playing a hockey video game, has his on-ice Avatar make Gretzky’s bleed all over the place. The two have been spotted in a private booth sharing a few laughs and maybe some pointers at hockey games in the last few years.


14. Roger Federer And Anna Wintour

Wait, what? One of the world’s greatest tennis players seen kibbitzing with one of the planet’s top fashionistas? Say it ain’t so, Rog! The third ranked player on the ATP tour struck a friendship with famed Vogue editor Wintour some time ago after being introduced and since then Wintour has been giving Federer and his wife good advice. On what, no one is certain but it might be his off-court fashion choices. In addition to being a Quentin Taratino lookalike, Federer has been seen on the arm of Wintour at many a fashion show and hoity-toity party, as well as being featured in a bespoke suit astride a sports car on the cover of fashion’s bible. On the flip side, Wintour has been spotted courtside at some of Federer’s tournaments, notably the U.S. Open.


13. Tiger Woods And Darius Rucker

On the surface, this friendship as it stands today between brothers from another mother might be one of mentorship and advice. Rucker, of Hootie and the Blowfish fame and partner in high-powered sports agency MGC Sports, is probably a famous shoulder to cry on for the disgraced golfer. Woods, who was arrested for DUI recently and who has slipped so far down the world golf rankings a search is required (he is 1,104th on the globe), has seen a lot of so-called friends and endorsements go away in recent years. Rucker, now a country music star, met Woods when he was 18 and later sang at Woods’ wedding and at his father’s funeral. He is also a golf fanatic and was a VIP guest of Team USA at the 2016 Ryder Cup. Rucker and Woods also partied it up at the golfer’s milestone 40th birthday in late 2015.


12. Mark Wahlberg And Jimmy Butler

It’s common knowledge that rapper (remember Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch?) turned superstar producer and actor Mark Wahlberg is a “Southie” from Boston. Therefore, a friendship with superstar basketball player Jimmy Butler, a Texas native who played for Chicago and now Minnesota, seems a bit odd. The two met when Wahlberg was in Chicago filming “Transformers 4” and have since been pretty tight. So tight that when Butler went on the market as trade bait, Wahlberg pushed his own trade scenario that had Butler going to Beantown and the Bulls ending up with 2017 no. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz. That didn’t come to fruition, but the bromance between Butler and Wahlberg has extended to Wahlberg’s kids, who idolize the Minnesota Timberwolves latest acquisition.

Source: Chicago Tribune

11. Lance Armstrong And Jake Gyllenhaal/Matt McConaughey

Before he became one of the most reviled men on the planet and stripped of his seven Tour de France wins because of doping, Lance Armstrong was a dude magnet for the likes of Hollywood heavyweights Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt McConaughey. The three were seen together training on bikes all those years ago, but when Armstrong was stripped of all his glory when the PED scandal broke in 2012, fellow Texan McConaughey stood by him (Gyllenhaal had already distanced himself before that) but expressed his shock and concern. “He told a lie, he’s not a liar,” the 43-year-old actor says of his fellow Austin, Texas resident. “When it came out, I took it personally, but then I realized it ain’t personal to him. I was going, ‘That son of a bitch!’ but then I thought, ‘Well, what was he supposed to do? Call me to the side and go, ‘Hey, I did this’?”


10. Floyd Mayweather And Justin Bieber

What was once a pretty solid friendship between hype machine boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canadian hit machine Justin Bieber has recently hit the skids. Mayweather, due to scrap with UFC star Conor McGregor at T-Mobile Arena this Saturday, was unfollowed on Instagram by the Biebs and is quite miffed about it. Apparently, Bieber, who has tried to reform himself by attending Hillsong Church, was re-evaluating his friendships to remove bad influences and Mayweather made the list. Prior to their social media falling out — Mayweather called Bieber a traitor — Bieber would often be seen ring side supporting his pal, as well as cross-promoting his boxing buddy’s business ventures through his own social circles.


9. Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian

OK, this isn’t a bromance, but it is a high-powered friendship between one of the most recognizable female athletes on the planet and a celebutante who maintains a large entourage. Williams and Kardashian actually met before Kim K. became famous for being famous. At one time, Williams employed Kardashian as a personal organizer who did things like clean out her closets and fix the decor around her house. Since then, the two have maintained a relationship of sorts, though we have to wonder, is Kardashian a huge tennis fan? And, does Serena binge watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians?” And, now that Kardashian is a marketing machine and ubiquitous social media monster on equal celebrity footing with the tennis star, we have to wonder how tight they really are.


8. Johnny Manziel And Drake

We told you Drake gets around, hobnobbing with sports glitterati everywhere. The actor-turned-superstar rapper counts guys like LeBron James, DeMar DeRozan and a few dozen other high profile athletes among his pals, so it might be a stretch now that he maintains his bromance with disgraced QB Manziel, who has pretty much fallen off the planet, athletically. The Toronto-born Aubrey Drake Graham moved on from Canadian hit TV Series “Degrassi” to his smash debut album release of “Thank Me Later” in 2010. Meanwhile, Manziel, who befriended Drake a few years back via some supportive Tweets, was still a high schooler in 2010, well on his way to being a later overrated QB at Texas A&M. These days, we can’t imagine that Drake has a whole lot of time for the disappeared free agent pivot, given that he is lunching with LeBron and his crew.

Source: Autodo

7.  Steve Nash And Nas

At one time, Steve Nash was the golden boy of basketball, reaping two NBA MVP awards and rocking some pretty epic hair. Nowadays, he’s a successful co-owner of MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps, general manager of the Canadian national basketball team and a player development consultant for the Golden State Warriors. His friendship with hip hop impresario Nas (born Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones) might seem a bit strange on the surface, but Nash is a big fan of hip hop and Nas in particular. So much so that in 2011 at Rock the Bells in New York City, Nash busted a move on stage while Nas belted out hit “Nasty.” At that time, Nash alluded to the fact he listed Biggie and Nas as his hip hop heroes.


6. Pete Carroll And Will Ferrell

A Super Bowl winning legend of a coach and a scene-chewing master of comedy sure make strange bedfellows. Friends Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell have had a mutual admiration society going on for many years, since Carroll’s days at the comedian’s alma mater, the University of Southern California. Ferrell followed Carroll’s career arc through the NFL, even sporting a Seahawks jersey during Super Bowl XLIX against New England (which the Patriots won in a comeback by a count of 28-24). Ferrell also made an appearance at Seahawks practice before the 2013 divisional playoff win against the New Orleans Saints. Earlier in Carroll’s career, he also addressed Carroll’s Trojans dressed as his NASCAR driver character “Ricky Bobby” for a 2006 screening of “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

Source: Seattle Seahawks

5. David Beckham And Will Smith

When Becks crossed the pond to play with the LA Galaxy in 2007, it allowed the planet’s most famous footballer to rub elbows with all manner of celebrity. He famously befriended actor/Scientology adherent Tom Cruise, as well as celebrity chef, countryman and former footballer himself Gordon Ramsey. But, the bromance we’re intrigued by is Beckham’s with the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. They became such good pals that Beckham even taught the superstar actor a few football moves, maybe even the famous “bend” that the footie legend employed to great success in a lengthy career spanning Europe and North America. In 2014, the pair were also said to be developing a New Year’s Eve bash with music and featuring Beckham and a focus on the Miami soccer club. Not sure it got off the ground, but the premise was pretty cool.


4. Matt Leinart And Nick Lachey

As sports and singing celebrities go, Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey were more pop sugar than iconic. But, that is not to say the two haven’t done fairly well outside of their past successes. Leinart was a big stud QB at USC in 2006 and went 1oth overall in the NFL draft to the Arizona Cardinals. Touted as the next big thing in the desert, he pretty much partied his way out of the NFL after a rollercoaster rookie season in 2006. Back in 2008, Lachey, ex of boy band 98 Degrees and his reality show with then wife Jessica Simpson, and Leinart blazed a trail through the party scene in L.A. They were often pictured together with bevies of young women drinking and carousing. Leinart, now a studio analyst on Fox Sports college football broadcasts, probably still rocks out to “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).”

Source: Faded Youth Blog

3. Scottie Pippen And Kanye West

Once his illustrious career spent riding shotgun to Michael Jordan during the Chicago Bulls golden years was over, Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen needed a new BFF. Enter singer, songwriter, producer and master of self-promotion Kanye West. Yeezus seems to be a perfect match for arguably the best small forward to play the game. The two have known their fair share of controversy over the years, what with Kanye’s ill-advised put-down of Taylor Swift live on TV at the 2009 VMAs and Pippen’s penchant for being a penny-pincher (once dubbed “No Tippin’ Pippen by restaurant workers stiffed by him). The two have been spotted together celebrating July 4th and Thanksgiving in the recent past.


2. Tony Romo And Chace Crawford

These two aren’t BFF’s by accident, that’s for sure. Now retired from the NFL and soon to be a lead color analyst on CBS Sports NFL broadcasts, Romo married Candice Crawford, sister of it-boy actor Chace Crawford (of Gossip Girl fame). Romo started dating Candice when she was interning as a broadcaster with the Cowboys and the romance blossomed into nuptials. Chace would become part of Romo’s inner circle because of this, attending the football superstar’s bachelor party, which the future brother-in-law was nothing like most boozy, strip club affairs. He said the boys went fishing and rode ATVs in West Virginia, followed by watching The Masters on TV.

Source: Daily Mail

1. LeBron James And Kevin Hart

Funnyman Kevin Hart is a bit of a two-timer, where hoops BFFs are concerned. While the tiny laughmeister was rooting for LeBron and the Cavaliers in this year’s NBA finals, he actually congratulated champion and friend Kevin Durant after the Dubs won. But, in true friend fashion, he also roasted Durant, after sending him kudos on finally winning a championship. “I’m gonna tell you what I did notice. You’re still getting your ass whooped by your mother … (he then proceeds to keep talking about how KD’s mom spanks him) … I love you man, congrats. Mama Durant, nothing but love for you too, but I know you still whooping his ass.” When not playing basketball, King James, who is easily a foot taller than Hart, has been spotted backstage at the comedian’s sold out shows.

Source: Ray Cornelius