2017 was full of outstanding sports moments and outstanding plays. Champions were crowned, players transcended into superstars and hundreds of athletes showed why they are the best athletes on the planet. However, not everything was always amazing and on point. In fact, 2017 was full of bad luck, fails and mistakes in the world of sports. Not only were these embarrassing for the players and teams at the time, but now with the explosion of social media, these mishaps are constantly being brought up again and again. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 of the biggest sports fails of 2017 and reminiscence on some of the most embarrassing sports moments of the year.

10. Cleveland Browns Late Trade

The Cleveland Browns have seemingly been the whipping boys of the NFL world for over a decade now. No matter how many #1 picks they seem to get, they cannot bring themselves out of the basement of the NFL. Well, they lived up to that brand during the Trade deadline this year. They had a deal in place to acquire AJ McCarron from the Bengals to be their new starting quarterback. However, while they were celebrating the deal, they forgot to actually call it in and by the time they did, the deadline passed.

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9. Dustin Johnson Falls Down a Flight of Stairs Before the Masters

For golfers on the PGA Tour, the Masters is the biggest and most prestigious tournament of the entire year. Well, ahead of the 2017 iteration of the tournament in April, Dustin Johnson was the number 1 golfer in the entire world and many thought he was the favourite to take home the green jacket and win the Masters. However, in his rental home just before the tournament, he slipped and fell on some wooden stairs, injuring his back in the process. This unfortunate slip cost Johnson a chance at the Masters win as it forced him to sit out the tournament.

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8. How Many Reds Does it Take to Catch a Pop Fly?

Baseball is a very difficult sport to master and sometimes even the pros make mistakes. However, fielding a pop fly in their infield is about as routine a play you can make in baseball. However, during a Cincinatti Reds game, the team showed that even experts can struggle with something so easy. After a routine pop up, five different players on the Reds got into position to catch the ball. Except, there was one problem, no one actually caught it. They all just stood around until the ball eventually fell to the ground in the middle of them all. Talk about embarrassing.

7. The Pontiac Silverdome Just Won’t Come Down

This one just happened very recently and was pretty unreal to see happen. The Pontiac Silverdome was home to the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons for decades before eventually closing down in favour of newer stadiums. It has been opened and closed numerous times in the last few years and finally, this year, it was to be demolished. However, on the first attempt on December 3rd 2017, the implosion failed, which was a bummer to all the people who were tuning in to watch it implode live. While a successful implosion was completed the next day, the fact it didn’t work on the first time is a definite fail.

6. Avery Bradley’s Missed Dunk

Slam dunking a ball for most NBA players is about as easy as breathing or walking. This goes double when you are dribbling uncontested to the basket with no opponent in sight. Well, that is exactly the situation that Detroit Pistons guard Avery Bradley found himself in earlier this year. However, instead of dunking the ball, Bradley was stuffed by the rim in embarrassing fashion and then when he tried again, he was blocked from behind by an opposing player. This has to be incredibly embarrassing due to the fact he missed a gimme dunk not once, but twice.

5. Grayson Murray’s Social Media Game

Grayson Murray is a golfer on the PGA Tour, however, you might know him better for his game on social media than for his game on the golf course. Murray is famous for making some strange and embarrassing tweets aimed at both the European tour and the Champions Tour, basically criticizing them, which is a big no-no. He also was caught tweeting inappropriately towards a high school student, which is a terribly awful and embarrassing thing. Murray even tried to have his agent change his password to keep him off the app, which has clearly caused him some embarrassment over the last year or so.

4. Marcus Cooper Fumbles The Ball at the One Yard Line

Despite the many reasons to not celebrate too early, players still do it from time to time. Earlier this year, Chicago Bears player Marcus Cooper was the latest victim and boy was it bad. After the Bears blocked a kick, Cooper picked up the ball and had a clear path to the end zone, with no one remotely close to catching him. However, when he was around the three yard line, he basically stopped running and slowed to a walk, thinking he was already in or thinking no one would catch him. However, someone did, and they caused him to fumble the ball on the one-yard line in incredibly embarrassing fashion.

3. Scott Darling Gives Up an Awful Goal

Playing goalie in the NHL has to be among the most stressful and difficult jobs ever. Constantly having the best players on the planet rifle pucks at you all night long doesn’t seem like a fun time. However, there are a fair amount of routine plays that a goalie makes every game that shouldn’t be a problem. Every now and then, a player will take a long shot on the goalie to test them, and 9 times out of 10, they are stopped easily. However, that wasn’t the case for Scott Darling earlier this year. After a puck was shot in lightly from centre ice, Darling struggled with corralling the puck and it ended up going into his own net. This is not something Darling will forget any time soon.

2. Nike’s NBA Jerseys Ripping

Nike is without a doubt one of the most recognizable sports companies and brands out there. So when they got the deal this year to create the NBA jerseys players will wear during the games, people were excited. However, that excitement soon faded as these jerseys started to rip in strange way. Entire jerseys were ripping almost completely in half from fairly harmless movements and contact which is obviously very embarrassing for Nike and the players of the NBA alike. While it hasn’t happened a ton recently, early in the season, it seems you couldn’t go a week without another player standing around in a jersey completely torn down the middle.

1. The Atlanta Falcons Blow a 28-3 Lead

There was no other moment that could have come in at number one on this list. Not only was this the biggest fail and embarrassing moment of 2017, but one of the most embarrassing ever. Near the end of the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl, the Falcons were up 28-3 and the game was all but one. However, it wasn’t meant to be. The Falcons had terrible play calling in the fourth quarter and let the Patriots walk back into the game and ultimately win it. This is probably the biggest choke of all time and this Super Bowl result is one that the Falcons and their fans will never live down.

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