The ridiculous spending power of Paris Saint-Germain has them firmly in first place in Ligue 1, the top flight of football in France. The Qatari Sports-owned team already has an 11-point lead over second place AS Monaco, but they found themselves in a tough match on Sunday as they faced off against Nantes.

Former Real Madrid and Manchester United midfielder Angel Di Maria scored the games only goal in the twelfth minute, but it was what happened in the 91st minute that has people scratching their heads.

Nantes defender Diego Carlos is pressing forward hoping to find a last-ditch equalizer, but he accidently catches referee Tony Chapron in the heels when they both try to cut to the left. Now, this kind of thing happens all the time. After all, technically the referee is “in play” during a soccer game. In almost every case, the colliding player and the ref just get up and carry on with the game.

Not Tony Chapron though.

Not only does he swipe his leg out in an attempt to kick Carlos, he also pulled out a yellow card for the “infraction.” It was Carlos’ second of the game, so he was forced to hit the showers a couple minutes early, despite the protests of… well, pretty much everyone. Even the PSG players could hardly believe what happened.

The red card brings an automatic suspension for Carlos, although we expect Nantes will try to appeal that, given th circumstances. As for Chapron, he’s been suspended indefinitely and is set to face a hearing with the technical body that governs Ligue 1 officials.

Chapron did apologize on Monday, for what it’s worth.

“During the match Nantes-PSG I was knocked over by Diego Carlos, a player with Nantes. At the moment of impact I felt a sharp pain where I had recently suffered an injury,” Chapron said on Monday according to The Daily Mail. “My unfortunate reaction was to stick my leg out towards the player. This clumsy gesture was inappropriate. So I want to apologise following this action.”

Nantes president Waldemar Kita called for Chapron to be banned for six months.