It takes a lot of digging to find out the worth of English Premier League contracts since they aren’t really made public the way North American sports are. Soccer also prefers to list their wages on a weekly basis rather than an annual one. Either way, the top performers are raking in the cash hand over fist by taking home millions of pounds a year.

This list features the top-10 paid players in the Premier League based on their weekly salaries. It doesn’t include image rights and/or sponsorship deals, just their basic pay. Fans may feel some of them are overpaid while others earn their paychecks each week. It’s interesting to note that while there are five Manchester City players in the top-10, Manchester United has the league’s highest payroll overall.

10. Kevin De Bruyne – £160,000 per week

Just breaking into the top-10 list is Manchester City’s Belgian international midfielder/forward Kevin De Bruyne. The 26-year-old former Chelsea player actually appears to be a bit of a bargain at £160,000 per week as he’s been one of the Premier League’s brightest lights this year. His paycheck may come in handy too since he was sued in early December, 2017 for £1.4 million due to a dispute over his image rights. De Bruyne’s a fine playmaker with good finishing skills and Chelsea should be kicking themselves for failing to realize how talented he is. They had him from 2012 to 2014 and played him just three times in the league. He signed a five-year deal with Man City in the summer of 2015, but may be hard to keep since his excellent play as piqued the interest of Real Madrid.

9. David Silva – £160,000 per week

Spanish international midfielder/forward David Silva reportedly makes the same as Manchester City teammate Kevin De Bruyne at £160,000 per week. The 31-year-old just signed an extension to his current contract and is tied to the club until 2020. He’s been with City since 2010 so looks set to spend a decade with the club. Silva’s a premier playmaker and finesse player rather than a big goalscorer and was voted by City fans as the team’s player of the year for 2016/17. Still, he’s chipped in with over 50 goals for the squad over the years with many of them being of the important variety. Silva’s another guy who earns his money due to his consistent performances week in and week out and City fans are glad he’s staying for a few more years.

8. Raheem Sterling – £180,000 per week

The latest rumors involving 22-year-old, Jamaican-born English international Raheem Sterling have him signing a new deal with Manchester City soon. He’s probably already overpaid as it is at £180,000 a week, but according to the media he’s going to be offered £300,000 a week even though he’s still got three years left on his current deal. This would make him the highest paid player in the Premier League. Sure, he’s started off well this year with nine goals in 13 league games, but he’s scored just 40 league goals total while in his sixth season as a full-time player. He may be worth it one day, but it’s ridiculous to make him the top dog in the EPL at this stage without proving to be a consistent player and scorer. Paying Sterling over £15 million a year will send the league’s pay scale out of whack as there are numerous players who are worth more.

Source: AP Photo/Rui Vieira

7. David de Gea – £200,000 per week

When it comes to the best goaltender in the Premier League, the majority of fans give the nod to Manchester United’s David de Gea. The 27-year-old Spanish international has been the team’s most valuable player over the past few seasons and is improving all the time. De Gea had some obvious weaknesses when he first arrived at Old Trafford back in 2011, but has since led the team to several pieces of silverware. He’s already one of the best keepers on the planet and is just reaching his prime. If any goalie in the league deserves to be paid £200,000 per week for his services then it should be De Gea. He’s revolutionized the position somewhat by showing a keeper’s feet are also ideal for making saves, not just their hands.

6. Romelu Lukaku – £200,000 per week

Manchester United’s headline signing in the summer of 2017 was Belgian international striker Romelu Lukaku, who they snagged form Everton for about £75 million. There’s no doubt this 24-year-old knows where the back of the net is as he’s been one of the league’s all-time top scorers for his age and is also the leading international scorer for his homeland already. Lukaku signed a five-year deal when he arrived at United for a reported £200,000 per week. He’s cooled off lately though after a red hot start to the 2017/18 campaign. He’s been a consistent scorer throughout his career since making his pro debut as a 16-year-old, so United fans shouldn’t worry too much about his lack of league goals lately. He’s also likely still a couple of years away from reaching his prime.

5. Eden Hazard – £200,000 per week

Chelsea’s Belgian international midfielder/forward Eden Hazard has also been the subject of rumors lately, just like Man City’s Raheem Sterling. It appears Real Madrid is interested in his services and Chelsea will supposedly offer him a 50 per cent pay raise from £200,000 per week to £300,000 per week to keep him at Stamford Bridge. If it becomes reality, the 26-year-old who arrived in London in 2012, will surpass Paul Pogba and become the highest paid player in the Premier League. Hazard is under contract until 2020, but of course this is soccer and signed contracts don’t mean a thing in this sport. There’s a good chance Hazard won’t sign an extension with Chelsea and may try to weasel a move to Madrid where he’ll be hoping to make more money.

4. Philippe Coutinho – £200,000 per week

Brazilian in international midfielder/forward tried to force a move to Barcelona this summer, but when Liverpool stood their ground and failed to cave in to his demands he ended up signing another five-year deal at Anfield. He’s now being paid a handsome £200,000 per week and is the club’s all-time highest-paid player. However, that doesn’t mean he’s going to honor his contract and won’t try to force his way out of Merseyside again. The 25-year-old may have missed his big chance at a huge contract though since it looks like Barcelona has cooled to the idea of signing him. Meanwhile, he’ll remain with Liverpool where he’s one of the squad’s most skillful players and will try to lead them to Champions League glory if possible this season.

3. Sergio Aguero – £220,000 per week

It’s doubtful any Manchester City fans will begrudge Sergio Aguero for raking in £220,000 per week since he’s now the club’s all-time leading scorer. The 29-year-old Argentine international seems to be perfectly happy to stay at the Etihad until his current contract runs out in 2019. Aguero has proven himself as one of the best finishers the Premier League has ever seen with his consistent scoring habits. He’ll forever be remembered by City fans for scoring the goal that won the club the league on the final day of the 2011/12 season. Aguero scored the winner in the 94th minute against Queens Park Rangers to steal the title away from cross-town rivals Manchester United at the last second. He was basically allowed to name his price after that.

2. Yaya Toure – £220,000 per week

Yaya Toure’s contract with Manchester City expired in June, but manager Pep Guardiola was impressed with his play last season and inked him to a new one-year deal. It came as a bit of a surprise to some fans considering the Ivory Coast international is now 34-year-old and was left off the Champions League squad last year. It was also a bit of a shock that Toure’s new deal reportedly sees him earn £220,000 per week. The midfielder has been with City since 2010 and has made over 300 appearances with the club in all competitions. He’s also been an underrated goalscorer with 82 of them to his name for the squad. Toure has rarely played in 2017/18 though as he had appeared in just six matches in all competitions by the start of December. It looks like his contract is a reward for his years of service at the club.

1. Paul Pogba – £290,000 per week

While 24-year-old French international midfielder Paul Pogba of Manchester United may be the best paid Premier League player at £290,000 a week, he’s ranked just ninth on the world stage. Pogba’s got another four years to go on his current deal and if Man United happens to win any major silverware in the next couple of year’s there’s a good chance he’ll be getting a raise. The player showed up at Old Trafford for the first time back in 2011, but didn’t get along with Sir Alex Ferguson, so he took off to Italy on a free transfer where he won four Serie A titles with Juventus. United then paid €105 million to get him back in 2016, which was a world record transfer fee at the time. Pogba’s an elite player, but with 12 goals in his first 63 matches back at United he’s nowhere near the impact player that Ronaldo and Messi are.

Source: AP Photo/Dave Thompson