We already know that Sidney Crosby is the among the best hockey players on the planet, and only one or two guys can really challenge his place at the top of that list. But just in case youngsters like Connor McDavid were starting to make you forget how good Sid the Kid still is, he breaks out a nifty trick like the one he pulled off Monday night against the Flyers.

After making a third period comeback to tie the game at 4-4 and force overtime, the Penguins finished the job when a Kris Letang shot (or probably a pass?) was rifled into Crosby, stationed beside the Philly goal. Crosby angled his stick just right, and deflected the puck into the top shelf, tucking it just under the crossbar.

If it was anyone else, we might tempted to say “meh, lucky bounce.” But Crosby has been doing amazing things for his entire career. So here is your weekly reminder that Crosby is great and there’s a good reason the Penguins have won the last two Stanley Cups.