The Seattle Seahawks let their frustration boil over on Sunday evening, as they suffered a bitter lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, putting their playoff chances in severe jeopardy with just three games to go in the regular season.

Both Quinton Jefferson and Michael Bennett were ejected for getting into fights on the field during the final series of plays, but Jefferson didn’t leave quietly. As he walked off the field, the Seattle defensive end got into with some Jaguars fans. Words were exchanged, and the whole situation was ugly enough already when one fan threw something at Jefferson, sparking a further outrage.

Jefferson tried to climb up the wall and get into the stands, only for stadium security to pull him back. It could have been much worse if he somehow managed to get into those stands among the Jacksonville faithful.

Hopefully the fans who were throwing objects (mostly drinks, by the look of it) were ejected and punished. However, it wouldn’t be surprising for the NFL to come down on Jefferson either, either in the form of fines or a suspension.