Get a load of this stupidly good penalty shot from the end of the Flames vs. Wild hockey game last night, that no one seems to agree on whether it should have been allowed or not.

The game ended 1-1 after regulation and the five minutes of overtime, so Calgary and Minnesota had to decide things in a shootout. The Wild missed their first shot, so up stepped Johnny Gaudreu with a chance to give the Flames an early shootout lead. He pulled out a little bit of stick handling magic, slowing right down and getting Alex Stalock to bite on a desperate fake before casually flipped the puck over the helpless Wild goalie.


Officials allowed the goal to stand, but many hockey fans on Twitter were crying foul. Just go read the replies on that tweet to see what we mean. The rules say that a penalty taker must maintain puck possession going towards the net. Did Johnny Hockey violate that rule with his final sidestep and chip shot? It looks like he might have.

Regardless, the Flames won the shootout 2-1, and got full points on the night.

It was a nifty goal, though.