The Indianapolis Colts are not having a good season. Their big money quarterback is stuck somewhere in injury hell and no one knows when he might be back. They have started the season with a 2-5 record, the most recent loss being an embarrassing 27-0 home drubbing at the hands of the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 7. While the team has multiple problems (not having Andrew Luck is a biggie), the Colts’ offensive line allowed quarterback Jacoby Brussett to be sacked a ridiculous ten times on Sunday.

After the game, wide receiver T.Y. Hilton sounded off on his O-line in a plain and simple statement to the media.

Hilton is technically correct, but it’s still a violation of the unwritten rule of not throwing your damn teammates under the bus, even when they might actually deserve to get run over by said bus. One day later, Hilton backtracked his statement and apologized for singling out a problem that is very obviously a problem.

From ESPN:

“First and foremost, I would like to apologize to the team and the O-line. It was out of character, frustrated how the game went. At the end of the day, I have their back. I love them to death and I was wrong. I’m always against that and I go out and do it, so 100 percent I messed up. It’s on me. I’m sorry for that and I’m leader and those guys look up to me and I stabbed them in the back, so for me I’m sorry about that. I’ll approach them individually one on one and just let them know I was a 100 percent dead-ass wrong.”

Hilton has 27 catches and a single touchdown through seven games so far this season, for 512 yards. Of course, if his quarterback wasn’t constantly getting crushed, he might fare a little better.