The Edmonton Oilers stink, despite having arguably the best player in the game. The Tampa Bay Lightning, on the other hand, do not stink at all. They are very good, and boast one of the players in the NHL who can challenge Connor McDavid for the Hart Trophy this year in Nikita Kucherov. Oh, and that Steven Stamkos guy is pretty good too.

On Monday night the Lightning traveled way North to take on the lowly Oilers. On paper, it was a pretty big mismatch. Tampa has the best record in the league, while Edmonton sits a full 25 points behind them in the overall standings. Everyone expected a Lightning win, but then Connor McDavid did Connor McDavid things.

The young superstar put up four goals and added an assist as the Oilers cruised to a 6-2 win. Just watch these ridiculous highlights, which include a power play tip in for his first, a unbelievable short-sided top shelf snipe for his second (seriously, watch it a few times), a breakaway goal for the hat trick, and a bit of a fluky bounce for his fourth. All of

After the game, McDavid casually suggested the outrageous performance was the result of a solid afternoon nap.

From the Edmonton Journal:

“I had a few four-goal games in junior, and I had a five-goal game too, but that’s junior,” shrugged McDavid, who really couldn’t explain the outburst other than to say the Oilers needed this game.

“I just felt good all day. I had a good nap.”

Teammate Leon Draisaitl was much less nonchalant about McDavid’s impressive night:

“He just has that ability to take a game over and there are very few players in this world who are able to do that,” said Draisaitl. “It just seems like he’s from another planet. Like it’s not fair. But it’s not just a given talent, he works hard. That’s what makes him so good.”