The Kansas City Chiefs kicked a really late field goal to go up 23-20 at the end of Monday Night Football, and looked a certain lock to remain the only undefeated team in the NFL after four weeks. There was only 00:04 left on the clock, and Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins’ offense was 75-yards away from the endzone. Baring some ridiculous “Music City Miracle” type gadget play, the game was over.

Also, for the large percentage of NFL fans who throw down some money on the games, it seemed a certainty that Washington would cover the 6.5 point spread by only losing by three, and the game would finish under the projected 47.5 points, with just 43 total points.

And then all hell broke loose.

Cousins throws a short pass to his left and the Redskins attempt to start some sort of multi-lateral play. After multiple fumbles, Kansas City linebacker Justin Houston picked up the ball and strolled into the endzone for the most unlikely of defensive touchdowns. That pushed the score to 29-20, meaning that gamblers suddenly watched the Cheifs go from not covering the spread to easily covering it. It also pushed the total points to over, meaning that anyone who bet on either of those two things saw a massive swing in fortunes.

Whether you were on the winning or losing end of the wild Monday Night finish, it was one of the most interesting — and hilarious — gambling finishes to a football game in a long time. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were likely won or lost thanks to a gloriously bumbled final play.