The actual score of this week’s Thursday Night Football was a complete laugher, as the Ravens dismantled the Dolphins 40-0. However, the enduring talking point of the game was Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco being knocked out of the game by a nasty hit by Miami linebacker Kiko Alonso.

Late in the first half, Flacco found himself scrambling forward into space on a 3rd & 10. As he approached the first down marker, he attempted to slide and give himself up. Alonso wasn’t having any of that, though, and smashed into the helpless Flacco, sending his helmet flying and knocking the ball loose. He was instantly dinged with a 15-yard penalty, but was surprisingly not ejected from the game.

Here’s a clip of the incident. Watch for Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh coming in from the left to get in Alonso’s face:

And here’s a picture of Harbaugh and Alonso jawing at each other, as a referee attempts to keep them apart.

Flacco was immediately put into the NFL’s concussion protocol, while Baltimore continued the game with backup Ryan Mallet.

After the game, Alonso defended the hit by suggesting that Flacco entered into his slide too late for him to stop his momentum.

The league has not commented on whether they are considered any additional discipline.