The Green Bay Packers made easy work of the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, winning easily via a score of 35-14. Aside from that, though, most people who watched will be stuck remembering a frightening moment in the fourth quarter that saw Packers wide receiver Davante Adams carted off in ambulance after a nasty hit from Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan.

After catching a short pass from Aaron Rodgers, it appeared Adams was wrapped up and about to be tackled to the ground. That didn’t stop Trevathan from barreling helmet-first into the helpless receiver, knocking his mouthguard clean out. We’re not completely sure if Adams was knocked unconscious, but the site of him laying motionless on the field was unsettling for everyone.

The officials flagged Trevathan for unnecessary roughness on the play, but he wasn’t ejected. Adams, meanwhile, was taken to hospital to be further evaluated for head and neck injuries. Reports after the game indicated that he was conscious and able to move all his limbs and extremities.

Many people, including notable NFL journalists and TV talking heads, jumped on social media to condemn Trevathan for the dirty hit, and called for the NFL to fine and/or suspend him.

Even the great (and always right) Adam Schefter weighed in, building off a Kevin Seifert tweet that reminded everyone that NFL owners changed the rules in the offseason to suspend players for “egregious” hits, even if it’s a first offense.

It will be interesting to see if the NFL takes a hard line on Trevathan, considering head injuries are a major issue for the NFL right now. As for Adams, we just hope he has a full recovery — not for the sake of his career, necessarily, but for the sake of his health.