The Carolina Panthers are feeling themselves, as they look set to clinch a playoff berth by either overtaking the Saints for the NFC South title, or at least securing one of the two Wild Card spots. Quarterback Cam Newton, not known for his humbleness, is especially charged up for another crack at a Super Bowl title. If you had any doubts, just check out this incredible clip from Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

Still in the first quarter with no score, Newton and the Panthers had marched down to the Redzone. As they lined up for the play from the seven-yard line, Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews felt like he had seen it before. In the film room.

“It’s that wheel route! It’s the wheel route!” Matthews shouted.

Newton quipped back with a smile, “You been watching film, huh? That’s cool. Watch this.”

Then he threw a slant pass to Christian McCaffery for the first score of the game.

Just watch the whole thing in action, with subtitles in place to follow along.

The Panthers would go on to win a close one over the Packers, with a final score of 31-24. Even the return of Aaron Rodgers couldn’t help revive Green Bay’s playoff hopes, which are hanging by a thread with two regular season games to go.