Indianapolis Colts cornerback Vontae Davis hasn’t been good this year. Then again, neither has anyone else on the Colts, so perhaps it’s just par for the course. However, after finally discovering that Davis needs season ending surgery on a groin injury — which is probably why his performance has suffered — the Colts have decided to just cut him instead.


Davis suffered the injury in preseason, but has mostly kept playing while receiving treatment on his groin in between games. Oddly enough, the Colts have never listed him on the official injury report. Not even when they benched him last week, instead proclaiming that it was due to his drop in performance.

Davis didn’t appreciate that:

“I’ve been here six years,” Davis said. “We’ve had similar situations where I played hurt. These things happen. And I never got confronted and (no one) said, ‘Your play has slipped.’ Nothing. I was playing at a level that was acceptable.


“But now, my play slips and this? They should have come to me way earlier and said, ‘Vontae, you’re not yourself. You’re not playing well.’ I told the trainers my groin was not responding.”


Compounding Davis’ disappointment, he says, is the fact that Pagano did not initially deliver the news to him. Instead, Davis says defensive coordinator Ted Monachino and defensive backs coach Greg Williams broke the news. Not Pagano, Davis’ coach the past six seasons.


“It should be more about the respect. I’m a professional,” Davis said. “I’ve been in (the league) long enough. When I look at the situation, I feel like there was no respect. Knowing Chuck, I figured it would come from him. It really bothered me.”

No one of the Colts medical staff would agree with Davis’s claims that his injury was worse than previously thought, nor was it healing as quickly as anyone hoped. So he went to his own doctors and they recommended season ending surgery, saying that the groin muscle was actually peeling back from the bone. He decided to get the operation done, considering he’s still only 29-years-old and could have a handful of solid years left in his NFL career. There was no need to risk a more severe injury by continuing to play in 2017.

The Colts disagreed, so they cut him:

The two sides are likely going to have hash out some sort of agreement on money owed, since it’s typically against the rules to fire someone because they got hurt playing for you.

The Colts suck.