Most people expected the Denver Broncos to beat the Buffalo Bills on the weekend, and for a brief moment it looked like they would at least get the chance. They were down by seven points midway through the fourth quarter, but the feared Broncos defense got the job down on a crucial third down play, and the Bills were going to have to punt.

Until Von Miller gave Buffalo quarterback Tyrod Taylor the ol’ “too slow” handshake gag when offering to help him up off the ground. Officials flagged Miller for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, which comes with a 15-yard gain for the Bills. That kept the Buffalo drive alive long enough to kick a field goal with just 3:14 remaining, resulting in a commanding ten point lead.

After the game, Miller accepted blame and promised to do better in the future.

“I can’t put my team in situations like that,” Miller said according to ESPN. “… I’ve got to be smarter than that. I’m always on the rookies and the young guys about being smart, doing this, doing that. And in a crucial situation in the game — I’ve just got to be better than that … I killed the game today with that play. I’ve just got to be better than that.”

Taylor actually thought the gag was funny — you can see the smile on his face in the GIF above — but wasn’t about to apologize for falling for the grade school prank.

“I stuck out my hand, thought he was going to help me up,” Taylor said. “ I don’t really expect people to help me up. But he extended his hand, so I guess I got played in that situation.”

“Me and Von came out the same year (in the draft) and we’re good friends and we were laughing on the field,” Taylor added. “I honestly didn’t know it was going to be a flag. Like I said, we were laughing (about it). It ended up working in our favor. I guess a bad play by him at the time, pretty sure he wishes he could have that back.”

Both teams moved to 2-1, as the Bills held on to that ten point lead caused by Miller’s hilarious blunder.