There’s already been a lot of ink spilled over the NFL’s new definition of “Roughing the Passer,” a penalty that used to be for late hits but now includes a strange “landing with most or all of your body weight” restriction and, as evidenced last night, the complete banning of accidental love taps to the helmet.

Unless your name in Andrew Luck. In that case, you’re allowed to get clobbered by two huge football monsters and it’s totally legal.

Watch these two plays from the Thursday Night Football game between the Patriots and the Colts. Midway through the first quarter, Luck get crushed by two Patriots pass rushers, who definitely appeared to fully land on top of the oft-injured Indy quarterback. But there was no flag on the play.

At the start of the second quarter, Tom Brady gets tapped in the head by the hand of Najee Goode as he attempts to block a pass. The flag is thrown. Roughing the passer.  Fifteen yard penalty, automatic first down.

Here’s another angle of the non-call:

What the hell is the NFL doing? They have reportedly already agreed to discuss the new rule, which is turning the league into a complete joke. But so far, no changes have been made.