The new XFL, which was announced just a couple weeks ago by Vince McMahon, won’t play their first game until roughly two years from right now. However, that didn’t stop them from taking unprovoked shots at their biggest competitor during Super Bowl weekend.

In a series of videos posted to Twitter on Sunday afternoon, the XFL attacked the NFL for three of their most annoying qualities — too many commercials, too many rules, and appearing to have no idea what defines a catch. Ironically, the catch rule would be questioned multiple times during the Super Bowl itself, resulting in two Philadelphia touchdowns that the NBC commentators were sure would be overturned. And the Super Bowl is almost as well-known for its ridiculous sponsorships and commercials as the game itself.

Here’s are videos:

McMahon promised that the new XFL would feature two-hour games (presumably missing both commercials breaks and a halftime), fewer infractions (which means simpler rules leading to less penalty flags, we guess?), and a solution to current mystery of “what defines catching a football?”

The XFL is set to launch in early 2020 with eight teams. Here’s the entire lowdown on the new league.