The Cleveland Browns have started the 2018 season with an unlikely tie with the Steelers and then a close loss to the New Orleans Saints. Both of those results could probably have been avoided if Zane Gonzalez wasn’t so bad at his job.

The Browns kicker had a really rough day on Sunday, missing two field goals and two extra points. Cleveland ended up losing by three points. The week before, against the Steelers, Gonzalez had his game-winning fieldgoal attempt blocked (which maybe isn’t entirely his fault, but still).

The life of an NFL kicker is a thankless one, and it appears the Browns are ready to move on.

Walsh and Santos aren’t the only names floating around, as former Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey is also available — although he claims to be “waiting for the right team,” which is never a phrase used to describe the Cleveland Browns.

Gonzalez probably knows he’s about to be unemployed.

“I had more than enough opportunities,” Gonzalez said after the game. “Let the team down, let the city down and it’s on me. I take full responsibility for it.”

Even Will Lutz, the kicker for New Orleans, was seen after the game consoling Gonzalez on the sideline in a bit of wholesome kicker solidarity. That won’t matter to Gonzalez, though, because he probably just lost his job after a tough day at the office.