If you watch enough football (or any sport, really), you’re eventually going to witness a gross injury that instantly makes you want to throw up. We already had Gordon Hayward’s nasty leg break just six minutes into the new NBA season, and now the NFL has given us something even more nauseating.

In the third quarter of Sunday’s Bears vs. Saints game, it looked like rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky had fired a touchdown to tight end Zach Miller. However, Miller landed awkwardly and his left leg was grotesquely twisted in a way that legs shouldn’t twist. To make matters worse, officials overturned the touchdown call, claiming that Miller didn’t maintain control of the ball.

Miller was carted off and the original diagnosis was a “dislocated knee.”

On Monday morning, however, the news was much worse.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Miller needed emergency surgery at a New Orleans hospital in an effort tp “save his leg.” The damage was so bad that Miller actually damaged an artery in his leg, forcing surgeons to graft tissue from his right (uninjured) leg in an attempt to repair his left.

Adam Schefter chimed in that Miller’s career is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind right, as the doctors are still are focused on trying to save his leg. Nevermind if he’ll ever play again.

The Bears haven’t released any additional updates, but let’s hope that the doctors and surgeons can work a minor miracle and fix Miller up. If this injury is severe enough to end his career (hopefully not), we at least hope that he can continue using his leg once it heals.