Between the controversial “no catch” call at the end of the Steelers vs. Patriots game and the downright bizarre scenes from the Sunday nighter that saw referee Gene Steratore use an index card to measure whether the Cowboys had picked up a crucial first down against the Raiders, it was a strange day for NFL officiating.

There was a lot of criticism on Monday morning that a league worth approximately $13 billion dollars still measures 10-yards with a chain attached to two sticks, despite there being probably a dozen better ways to use technology to be more accurate. On top of that, the sight of an NFL ref using a small piece of paper to… do what, exactly? Well, it confused the hell out of pretty much everyone, including both teams involved.

After the game, a pool reporter asked Steratore why he used the card. The answers didn’t exactly clear anything up.

Those answers reaffirm that the NFL makes everything up as they go along, and the referees are incompetent hacks. Or something like that. Sometimes it’s probably better to just say nothing at all.