Steve Smith has always been a bit of an agitator. He played with a chip on his shoulder and an unbridled ego, and those traits have served him well as an NFL Network analyst since he retired last year.

Before this week’s Thursday nighter, Smith was on a panel with Michael Irvin (another former NFL wide receiver) that was discussing Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s potential receiving targets. Irving mentioned that Flacco hasn’t had a decent receiver he “could trust” since Anquan Bolden played for the team from 2010 to 2012. Irvin was probably aware that Smith played for the Ravens from 2014 to 2016, and the latter took exception to the subtle insult.

“I got a doctorate in route running,” Smith barked. “You got an associates degree from a community college.”

Smith wasn’t finished.

“I understand you have the rings,” he quipped, referring to Irvin’s three championships with the Dallas Cowboys. “But I passed you statistically ago, alright. There ain’t no route I could run that you hoped you could run.”

Irvin clapped back:

“I got enough rings to let all y’all borrow one and still have some.”

The two former receiving greats have a history. About a year ago, Irvin made a joke about the pants that Smith was wearing on another Thursday Night Football broadcast.

Smith was deadpan with his response:

“You know, Mike, I’mma go ahead and let you know right now: When I come to L.A., I’mma whoop your ass.”

Put these two together on every game, please.