The Seattle Seahawks cruised a relatively routine win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, dropping the lowly Bay Area team to a pathetic 1-10 on the season. Not content with just picking up the win and heading home, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett decided to verbally kick the 49ers while there are down.

After the game, Bennett took a swipe at the meager crowd. Even though the official reported attendance was 70, 134, it appeared much lower in shots of the crowd. Bennett said he looked up ticket prices, which could be found on the secondary market for as low as $17.

“I looked online, you could’ve gotten a ticket for $17,” Bennett said after the game. “You can’t even get a ticket for $17 to my house.”

“Tickets to my house would be $300 a pop,” he said, saying the price would include 10 minutes of meet and greet with the player himself.