Marcus Peters must secretly be a fan of Marshawn Lynch, judging by his touchdown celebration from Monday Night Football.

With just over two minutes left in the game, the Rams cornerback intercepted a pass from Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, returning it all the way to the endzone from midfield. The Rams already had a 13-point lead, making a Raiders comeback quite unlikely, but the additional score truly iced the game.

Peters punctuated his defensive highlight with a celebratory gesture that we’ve seen before.

And another angle:

For anyone unfamiliar, that’s Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch’s signature “Hold my D*ck” move.

Peters and Lynch are reportedly friends, so perhaps the move was more of a tribute rather than a taunt. When he was asked about the celebration after the game, he was a bit coy with reporters.

“I did the Beast Mode,” Peters said. “That’s what I did.”

Lynch has previously been fined for the move, so you can probably expect Peters’ next game check to be a little lighter than normal.