In what was probably one of the biggest understatements of 2018 so far, former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel just threw himself (and the Cleveland Browns) entirely under the bus for his failure during his brief tenure in the league.

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday morning, Manziel was asked what he would change about his rookie season if he could go back and do it all over again. His response was… interesting:

“If Cleveland did any of their homework, they would have known that I was a guy that didn’t come in every day and watch film. I was a guy that didn’t really know the X’s and O’s of football,” said Manziel. “Nobody was there, like helping me go over the X’s and O’s, and it was hard. I struggled.”

Here’s the video, if you want more Manziel hot takes:

This is amazing, because not only does Manziel admit that he wasn’t really good at learning or executing the tactics of professional football, but the Browns (who used a first round pick to get him) couldn’t be bothered to try and teach him!

Of course, Manziel’s personal problems were also a factor in his quick exit from the league, along with his dismal play on the field. He’s now 25-years-old, and appears to be angling himself to get back into football somehow. He was recently seen working out for a number of NFL scouts, and those rumors of a rebound in the CFL refuse to go away. If he can come back as a mature, focused quarterback, there’s still a chance he could have a reasonable NFL career. After all, it wasn’t that long ago he was one of the best college players in the country.