The Jacksonville Jaguars were absolutely crushed on Sunday by the Dallas Cowboys. Their once-vaunted defense gave up a ridiculous 40 points in the beatdown, which would have still been shocking if it was against one of the elite offenses in the NFL. However, the Cowboys haven’t exactly been lighting up the scoreboard this season, making that 40-spot a real headscratcher.

Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who has frequently been happy to talk a whole ton of trash about everyone else in the league, was uncharacteristically tight lipped after the game.

That’s a whole lot of “I don’t knows” and other non-answers to questions about how the Jags’ defense moves on from such an embarrassing performance. His postgame comments are similar to Marshawn’s Lynch’s shtick from a few years ago, where he spent a few months only answering questions with “Thanks for asking” or “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Ramsey and the Jaguars dropped to 3-3 with the loss to Dallas, but that still has them tied for first place in the dreadful AFC South (with the Titans and the Texans). So their season is hardly over. However, their quarterback is Blake Bortles, so if their defense doesn’t get better in a hurry, their season could end up as a forgettable one.