How can you not love J.J. Watt?

The Houston Texans defensive monster was obviously greatly affected by the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey hitting his city. Although he wasn’t in the city during the storm, he was stunned by the level of damage and suffering that the Category 4 hurricane caused.

“You feel helpless seeing water rush down streets that I drive down every day. I said, ‘How can I help?’ ” Watt said, according to

“So, I started to think, I said, ‘I have this incredible platform, all this social media, all these followers. Let’s see if I can raise a little bit of money to help these people out. Try to get some relief efforts going.’ I just looked straight into the cell phone camera, started up a campaign, hoping to raise $200,000. Now we’re over $27 million.”

Watt’s campaign started small, but it quickly surpassed the original goal and shot up to $500,000 in donations.

After that, the goals were being set and met in rapid succession. By Day 2 he had raised $1.5 million, and the number kept growing. Other celebrities caught on, and offered even more substantial donations. Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk donated a million dollars. So did Jimmy Kimmel. NBA superstar Chris Paul and rapper Drake personally called Watt to ask how they could help, along with making hefty donations of their own.

Now, just a little over a week later, the donations are hovering around $29 million. And if you’re wondering how Watt plans to spend all that money to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, just check out these tweets:

Watt is literally putting boots on the ground to bring much needed supplies to people who have lost everything. He may be a physical beast on the football field, but Watt is genuinely one of the nicest and most generous people in all of professional sports!

If you want to donate to Watt’s fund, the link is right here. He says donations will remain open until September 15.