Some celebrations are better than others.

New York Jets running back Isaiah Crowell broke out a strange one last week one a few weeks ago on Thursday Night Football, which resulted in both a hefty fine from the league and a dressing down from his head coach Todd Bowles. If you missed it, Crowell used the football to “wipe” his backside after running for a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, his former team.

The NFL fined Crowell $13,369 for the display, which was also subject to a unsportsmanlike misconduct penalty during the game.

“It was inexcusable,” Bowles said after the game. “We talked about it and it will never happen again.”

It wasn’t a total bust though, because Crowell landed a new endorsement deal thanks to his viral celebration.

Yes, that’s a promotional shot with Crowell hawking Dude Wipes, a brand of sanitary wipes that is a toliet paper alternative for men. Hopefully they paid him enough to cover the fine.