A report from the weekend revealed that the New England Patriots almost traded tight end Rob Gronkowski to the Detroit Lions in the offseason, but the whole thing fell apart when Gronk threatened to outright retire if the Pats moved him. And while it’s fun to laugh at the Lions in this situation, Gronkowski’s threats weren’t specific to Detroit — he flat out refused to play for any NFL team.

After the Patriots/Lions game on Sunday night, Gronkowski was asked about the report. He didn’t even try to spin it, plainly admitting that he only plans to play football with the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Gronkowski has played his entire NFL career with the Patriots so far, and been the best tight end in the game for most of that stretch (when he’s not missing games through injury, that is). He has won two Super Bowls, been named to five Pro Bowls, and caught 77 touchdown passes.