Do professional athletes watch sports on TV? Most people assume yes, whether it’s watching their own sport or being interested in a different one. Mike Trout is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and isn’t shy about it. Steph Curry loves the Carolina Panthers. Josh Donaldson regularly tweets about big UFC fights. The list goes on and on.

But Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox says he doesn’t watch sports on television. Not only that, but he doesn’t even watch the Super Bowl, one of the most annually viewed few hours of TV around the globe. He revealed this on Wednesday when a reporter asked him about previous Super Bowl memories as a fan.

From the Philly Voice:

“Nah, man. You know, I don’t really watch football,” he said. “Ya’ll know that.”

“Not even the Super Bowl?” the reporter responded?

“Nah,” Cox said with a laugh. “I don’t watch sports. You know that.”

Now, you could sense the growing disbelief among the crowd.

“Not any of them?” someone jumped in.

“No. I don’t watch sports,” he said, with a tone suggesting his previous laugh wasn’t as friendly as it originally seemed. “I tell you that all the time.”

Of course, Cox a dirty, rotten liar. All you have to do is take a look at some of his old tweets to realize that he’s definitely watched at least two Super Bowls in his life (and we’re betting he’s tuned in for more than that).

Here’s a tweet from the date of Super Bowl XLVI, when the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots.

Screenshot via Twitter

Here’s another tweet, this time during Super Bowl XLIX — famous for the Seattle Seahawks NOT giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the one-yard line in the final minute of the game. Instead, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was intercepted by Malcolm Butler on the goal-line in one of the most dramatic finished to a Super Bowl ever. Fletcher Cox was watching. Just look at the timestamp:

Screenshot via Twitter

Fletcher, man, why you lyin’?