Eli Manning struggled against the Detroit Lions on Monday night, partly due to an offensive line that appears to have more holes in it than an old pair of socks. However, he was blasted by his own coach after the game for one particular play, a fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line that resulted in the Giants taking a delay of game penalty for not getting the snap off in time.

Giants coach Bob McAdoo called it “sloppy quarterback play,” putting the blame squarely on Manning’s shoulders. Manning isn’t taking it personally though. He appeared on a local radio station Tuesday morning and told WFAN 660 that he isn’t losing sleep over his coach’s criticism.

“I know Coach McAdoo knows I can handle it … You can’t be sensitive in this business,” Manning said. “Hey, you lose games, only score 10 points, you deserve some criticism.”

The Giants are 0-2 so far this season, and haven’t looked very impressive on either side of the ball. They travel to Philly this weekend to take on the Eagles, who are actually leading the NFC East with a 1-1 record.