Give Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson a lot of credit. With one simple statement he managed the expectations of whatever team’s fan “nation” will be cheering for him come the new season.

Watson, projected to go early in the first round of the NFL draft, has drawn a comparison to Dallas quarterback Prescott, who set a rookie record for wins by a QB, as well as copping Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.

Watson was quick to note that he is his own player after North Carolina defensive coordinator Gene Chizik, who coached against both players, told Fox Sports last week that “Dak Prescott is kind of what I see Deshaun being.”

Watson, like Prescott, has shown innate capacity to lead and is a good technical passer, but wanted to set the record straight that his Prescott-like abilities shouldn’t over-inflate his draft value.

“People may look at that. But … I wouldn’t go off what Dak did,” Watson said, according to Jimmy Burch of the Star-Telegram. “I’m not Dak Prescott. I’m not with the Cowboys. I’m Deshaun Watson, coming from Clemson.

“Scouts have their opinions but, really, those guys aren’t the ones making the call. The way I approach it and look at it is, football is football. It’s a copy-cat league at every level. Everybody is pretty much doing things the same way.”