Andy Dalton is a Buffalo Bills legend, despite having never played for the NFL’s most hard luck franchise.

He “earned” that legendary status by throwing a late touchdown pass in last season’s regular season finale — a meaningless game between Dalton’s Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. However, the Ravens loss meant the Bills would qualify for the postseason, breaking a long playoff drought that went all the way back to 1999.

The Bills Mafia was eternally grateful (even though their team promptly lost the Wild Card game against the Jaguars), and showered Dalton with social media praise. Even more impressive is the $450,000 they collectively donated to Dalton’s charity foundation — often in $17 increments, one dollar for every year that the Bills had been out of the playoffs.

Dalton and the Bengals traveled to Buffalo on Sunday for a preseason game, and the Bills faithful took the opportunity to express their gratitude in person by giving the Bengals’ QB a standing ovation.

The Bills, probably feeling aggrieved that they can’t get standing ovations for their own players, then proceeded to lose 26-13. Sure it’s just preseason, and it means nothing, but it’s not a great look when the most popular player on the field in playing for the away team.