The New York Giants lost 24-10 on Monday night, but they were actually within striking distance for most of the game, especially when they were two-yards from the Lions’ endzone midway through the third quarter, while being down by 10.

It was fourth-and-goal and the Giants decided to go for it. Inexplicably, they managed to botch the snap count and take a delay of game penalty as the play clock expired. That penalty moved them further away from the endzone, and they decided to kick a field goal instead, making it a seven point game. It was the last points they would score all game.

Although that one single play wasn’t the sole reason the Giants lost their second straight game, it was certainly a glaring one. After the game, reporters pounced on the boneheaded penalty, which led to head coach Bob McAdoo pinning the blame squarely on quarterback Eli Manning.

Reporter: “What happened on the delay of game penalty near the end zone?”

McAdoo: “Sloppy quarterback play. The quarterback and the center need to be on the same page there. We gotta get the ball snapped.”

Reporter: “Why didn’t you call a timeout?”

McAdoo: “Because we have a veteran quarterback who has played a lot of football and I expect us to get the ball snapped.”

Here’s a clip of the exchange:

For the record, Manning agreed with the criticism, telling reporters that “any time there’s a delay of game, it’s on the quarterback.” That’s all well and good, but it’s still a little strange to see a NFL head coach throw his starting QB (who has two Super Bowl rings, btw) completely under the bus like that. Then again, the Giants are 0-2 and have only scored 13 points, so Manning and the rest of the Giants’ offense is under a lot of pressure right now to turn things around.

Manning is 36-years-old now, and his O-line looks to have more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Peyton’s little bro could be in for a long, painful season.