It took an agonizing 635 days, but the Cleveland Browns are finally back in the win column. A big part of that win was Baker Mayfield, who came into the came after starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor was forced into concussion protocol after a potential head injury.

Mayfield, the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, played pretty damn well in his first game. There were other contributing factors to the Browns’ victory (like Jets quarterback Sam Darnold playing below average and the Cleveland defense being surprisingly effective in the second half), but most casual observers came to same conclusion — the Browns should just let Mayfield start from now on, for better or worse.

Not so fast.

Hue Jackson, the man who has presided over the Browns since 2016 and went 1-31 in his first two seasons with the team, isn’t ready to make that call. Despite the team clearly using the first overall pick to draft someone who they hope will be their franchise quarterback. Despite Tyrod Taylor not being good enough to Buffalo to beat out Nate freaking Peterman for the starting job. Despite the fact that it’s been almost two whole years since the Browns last won a game.

Nope. Better put Mayfield back on the bench.

“Obviously Baker did some great things,” Jackson added. “We don’t play until next Sunday. We got some days [to decide]. Let’s not get into those debates tonight. Obviously what he did tonight was outstanding for the football team and his teammates. Again, I have to watch the tape and we’ll go from there.”

Listen, Hue, I have a secret for you. The tape will reveal that Mayfield is a clearly better option than Taylor. Even if you lose every other game this season with Mayfield behind center, you might as well give him the reps and find out exactly what you have.