The New Orleans Saints lost their season opener to the Vikings on Monday Night Football, featuring a lovely little spat between new running back Adrian Peterson and head coach Sean Payton.

The television cameras caught Peterson barking something at Payton, who eventually turned around and acknowledged his new offensive weapon. Judging from the looks on their faces, it wasn’t a friendly exchange. However, both of them downplayed the incident after the game, saying there was no bad blood between them.

“There’s no conflict. Let’s not try to spin it like it is. There’s no conflict. I got a lot of respect for coach Payton,” Peterson said. “I could’ve said, ‘I love you.’ But it’s no issue. We have bigger fish to fry,” he added.

Payton told the media that there was no “heated exchange,” just two guys trying to win a football game.

The general thought is that Peterson was asking for more carries. He ran the ball just six times for 18-yards in his debut as a Saint. That was later confirmed when Peterson tweeted out that he was telling Payton they needed to “run the ball up their [a**].”