We’re sure you’ve already seen the videos. The Colts and the Bills played a game on Sunday in horrendous conditions, as a white out blizzard crashed down on the city of Buffalo. It took a mighty effort from the grounds crew to keep the lines shoveled, but the players were trudging through about 8-to-12 inches of fresh snow the entire game.

Conditions like that would always make for a crappy game, but they were especially harsh on Indy kicker Adam Vinatieri. The veteran Colts player is usually pretty reliable, but he missed two field goals in the brutal weather. The missed points may have cost the Colts the game (they lost 13-7 in overtime), but they could also have a negative impact on Vinatieri’s bank account.

According to ESPN, Vinateiri has a $500,000 bonus written into his contract for making at least 90 percent of his field goals in a season. He started the game at 95.6 percent. Those misses have dropped him down to 88 percent, and the end of the season is fast approaching.

From ESPN:

Vinatieri will have to go at least 5-of-5 on field goals over the next three games in order to get his percentage back up to 90 percent, which in turn will get him the bonus. He has made at least 90 percent of his field goal attempts five times in 21 NFL seasons heading into 2017.

Kickers aren’t exactly the highest paid players on any NFL team, so we’re sure that Vinatieri wants that extra cash. Hopefully his team can get him into some good positions in the next three weeks (minus the blizzard, of course), and give him a chance at making that bonus. Otherwise, that’s some pretty awful luck for one of the league’s historically great kickers.