Just days after blasting the performance of the entire Green Bay offense (despite beating the Bills 22-0), quarterback Aaron Rodgers is walking back the criticism and insisting that everything is fine between him and head coach Mike McCarthy.

“Mike and I talk all the time; we have a great relationship,” Rodgers said Wednesday, according to NFL.com’s Herbie Teope. “There’s always been great communication between us, even if there is things that we need to talk about that are tough subjects, we’ve never had a problem finding time and talking. That’s the way it’s been for 10-plus years.”

That’s a bit different from his comments on Sunday, where he claimed the offense “was as bad as its been in long time” and that “there was no flow to the game.”

He also deflected questions about the Green Bay offensive personnel, both in terms of which players are (and are not) on the team and how they are used.

“That’s not a question for me,” Rodgers said, perhaps suggesting that he’s unhappy with the team around him.

McCarthy also spoke to the media on Wednesday, and reiterated that there was no rift between himself and the star quarterback.

“[We] have gone through a lot of years together, so I feel good about our relationship,” McCarthy said.

The Packers are 2-1-1 and play the 1-3 San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night.