Who did it better?

Ultimately, two of the NBA’s brightest stars made passes last night that few in the NBA would never even try, much less be successful with.

First, the triple-double machine that is Russell Westbrook made what might be the pass of the season Thursday night, burning Toronto’s Cory Joseph in the process. He bounced a lengthy pass through Joseph’s legs that found Victor Oladipo for a nutmeg assist. Oladipo’s easy two were just part of a 123-102 shellacking the Thunder handed the Raptors.

Steph Curry, a pure shooter who also knows a thing or two about passing, made a sick pass to Zaza Pachulia Thursday night that also defied description. During a 122-92 pasting of Orlando, Curry dribbled into the paint on a screen by Pachulia, who then rolled right and took the nutmeg pass for an easy lay in.

All anyone could say, in either instance, was “wow!”