Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood had a rough night. In the middle of a tightly contested game in Washington on Wednesday night, Hood found himself in a verbal argument with referee Tony Brothers over a perceived blown call. Brothers let him talk smack for a bit but eventually told him to wrap it up.

Hood did not wrap it up.

Brothers gave Hood his second technical of the game, sending him to locker room in just the third quarter of the game. As he walked off the floor, one courtside fan had his iPhone out filming the incident. Apparently, Hood didn’t appreciate the amateur camera work, because he smacked that phone to the ground.


Just kidding. Here’s the real video though:

Rodney Hood slapping a phone out of a fan’s hand ??

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Let’s ask the important questions here. That phone didn’t appear to have any sort of protective case on it, so we have to know: did the phone survive? If not, will Hood pay for a replacement? And most importantly, will that guy upload the footage he was taking for all of us to enjoy? We need answers!

Oh, the Jazz went on to beat the Wizards 107-104 even without the help of Hood in the fourth quarter.