Neither the Chicago Bulls nor the Sacramento Kings are worth spending much time writing about. After all, they are both near the bottom of their respective conferences and the playoffs are nothing more than a pipe dream for each team.

However, Robin Lopez completely lost his head on Monday night, earning himself an embarrassing on morning highlight shows across the country and our own humble sports blog.

Just a few minutes before halftime, with the Bulls holding a healthy lead at the time, Lopez started jawing at officials over a meaningless foul call. When one technical wasn’t enough to quiet down the Bulls big man, the referees gave him a second and sent him to the showers early. Teammates had to hold Lopez back from getting to the refs, as he eventually made his way to the locker room.

Oh, and he took out his frustration on this innocent chair as he stormed off.

The Kings would dominate the second half and end up winning 104-98, despite being down by 16 points when Lopez was tossed. Not a good night for the Bulls. Then again, they haven’t really had too many good nights this season.