The things a guy in an ape suit won’t do for his team.

On Tuesday night, the Phoenix Suns’ beloved gorilla mascot ensured — to everyone’s shock — that no one on either the Suns or the visiting Washington Wizards would trip on a drum stick.

Yup, the furry entertainer, seeing the oncoming hazard as a play developed near mid-court, dove into the paint in the Wizards end to retrieve wayward drum stick. He was just able to hustle back off the court before he became part of the play.

It was a hilarious side note to what was otherwise a pretty entertaining basketball game that saw the cellar dwelling Suns (21-43), give the playoff-bound Wizards (38-24) everything they had in a narrow 131-127 loss.

We have to wonder, with the gorilla’s quickness and retrieval capability, can he play defence for the Suns?