Most basketball observers agree that LeBron James is the closest thing to Magic Johnson — a player with the perfect combination of size, strength, and skill to play literally any position on the floor. Need a point guard? LeBron can do that. Need a center? LeBron can do that too.

On Thursday night against the Orlando Magic, James busted out a pass that mesmerized everyone — including it’s intended target.

After a bit of a loose ball scramble, James grabbed a hold of the rock near the foul line and  quickly zipped a perfect bounce pass to Dwyane Wade, who was waiting under the basket, for an easy layup. Except he did it without looking, throwing the ball behind his back, and between the legs of Orlando defender Aaron Gordon.

Here’s another angle:

That’s incredible. If you want to know how special that pass was, just look at the astounded look on D-Wade’s face as he realized what he just witnessed.

The Cavs needed those points, as they managed to win the game by just a single point, 104-103.