After a couple of false starts in his NBA career due to injury, it finally seems like Joel Embiid is staying healthy and finding his groove. He’s been urging everyone to #TrustTheProcess for a while now, but this clip from Monday night shows just how damn entertaining Embiid can be.

The 76ers were hosting the Utah Jazz in Philly, and had earned themselves a pretty safe lead with less than five minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Embiid was taking his foot off the gas though, as he thoroughly swatted a layup effort from Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell. That alone would have been a good highlight, but what happened next was even better:

Embiid had a few words for the young rook, who responded by giving the former No. 3 overall draft pick a little shove. Embiid embraced the contact, and flopped to the ground like a fish struggling to find water. Mitchell was hit with a technical foul and Embiid quickly popped back up and incited the crowd.

Here’s another angle:

Okay, that’s the wrong clip. But we’re leaving it, because it’s close enough.

The crowd starting chanting “Trust The Process” and the entire scene was glorious. After the game, Embiid didn’t attempt to disguise his blatant trickery.

The NBA may fine him for flopping, especially since he, ya know, admitted it afterwards. But the 76ers picked up the win and Embiid had a truly memorably Embiid-like moment, so he probably won’t be sweating the fine.